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Bar Tender

Much the same as the UK but be prepared for a faster pace.  Working in some of the resorts top bars & clubs serving anything from beer to fishbowls, knowledge of cocktails essential.

Free drinks all night

Shifts are generally 6-8 hours and you should expect to earn at least €25 per shift.


Standing outside the bars/clubs it’s your job to get the tourists in, there’s many ways of doing it, flirtation, persuasion or just plain desperation. Confidence, outgoing personality & ability to talk to people are all key skills for the job otherwise you’ll have an empty bar.

Free drinks all night

Shifts are generally 6-8 hours and you should expect to earn at least €25 per shift although some venues may pay commission on top.


Sell tickets and promote the top events.  

Best paid job in resort if you are good at selling and self motivated.  You can earn up to €10 a ticket for the top events so you only need to sell to a few groups to make in at least €100 a day.  It is commission based so the harder you work the more you make but you need to be able to sell.  Event organiser’s will expect you to sell a minimum amount of tickets per day/week.  Most ticket sellers will work a few hours in the afternoon and then a few hours in the evening.


Spend your summer dancing the night away in some of Europe’s top bars and clubs.  

Pre-requisite of job – you must be an experienced dancer.

Shifts vary from 5-7 hours and you should expect to earn at least €40 per shift


There have been shot lads but without much success.

Working for some of the top bars/clubs your job is to sell shots using your best, persuasive charm – luckily people never need much excuse to drink.

Shifts vary from 4-6 hours and you should expect to earn at least €30 per shift.  This job is generally commission based (although some venues pay a set wage) however if you are good at selling then you can make good money.


Hard work but less stressful than some of the other jobs.  Just be fast on your feet to clear tables & keep the bar in supply of glasses, bottles and anything else they require.


These include (but are not limited to):


Face/Body painter



These jobs are in high demand but as and when a venue requires a person with the particular skills.  It is much easier to get one of these jobs when you are in resort.  It is therefore advisable to be flexible in your job choice when choosing to work abroad as we cannot guarantee there will be vacancies for these roles on your chosen arrival date.


If you want to discuss more about jobs then feel free to speak to any of the previous workers or reps that are always helping and in discussion in our OFFICIAL Facebook Workers Group –

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What people are saying

“First season abroad with workers family, can’t begin to explain how helpful they’ve been, wouldn’t go with any other company!! can’t thank harry enough for making me feel like part of a family, can’t wait to get out there now #zante2017

Allanah Zanye, Thailand

What people are saying

“Did my first season with Worker Family this summer and it was the BEST thing I’ve ever done ! Workers Family were an amazing help at getting me me settled in and getting to know Ayia Napa! Honestly has the time of my life and I’m back with them this year for another wicked summer, couldn’t have asked for a better experience”

Caitlin , Ayia Napa

What people are saying

“Can’t wait to start my season off soon. The reps are so helpful and are here for everyone. By the looks of things and seeing everyone over their now it’s going to be an amazing summer. Thank you to Neb Augustinov, Harry Martin and JJ Varney for helping me get everything booked very trustworthy and easy process. Let’s have you Magaluf”

James , Magaluf